Women’s football | Is Skellefteå, Sweden, the game’s once and future home?

Jemele Hill Columnist Jemele Hill writes: “It seems the crime most female professional athletes have committed is they aren’t scandalous or weird.”

Another issue is women footballers desiring to compete with men when opportunities are lacking. FIFA decreed in Dec 04 that Mexico’s Maribel Domínguez could not sign for Mexico second-division club Celaya. The logic behind FIFA’s judgment? “Custom has been that men and women compete in different competitions” (Simon Kuper, “Team-mates from Mars and Venus,” Financial Times, Apr 16).

That media representations of men and women in sport differ astronomically is without question. According to the Women’s Sports Foundation UK, women accounted for 2.3 percent of images in sports pages of Britain’s media (Natasha Woods, “Action Woman,” Sunday Herald [Glasgow], Mar 27).

“The public has this problem when it comes to female athletes,” writes Jemele Hill in the Orlando Sentinel. “We don’t like them to make money as professionals. … It’s like female athletes were permanently put in the feel-good story box and never let out. We love their hard-luck stories so much we decided to keep them hungry by failing to support their professional leagues” (“Public Loves Women Athletes as Amateurs, but as Pros …,” Apr 4). | back to text »

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  1. The Global Game | Sweden | Northern latitudes helped make Marta a player of Sol importance:

    [...] The city of Umeå started the country’s first women’s football league in 1950. Four teams—two korplag or company sides, two composed of handball players—competed for the title of Umemästarrinnorna, Umeå women’s champions. The games attracted up to 100 spectators. The league, for unknown reasons, ended before the 1952 season, leaving women’s football to develop through exhibitions against “old-boys’ sides” until organized play restarted in the ’60s. (For more background on women’s football in Sweden, see 31 May 05.) [...]

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