Buffer zone | Latina women leave home to follow the bouncing ball

New York | Acting on intrigue developed from watching brothers, fathers and husbands play football to their exclusion, women from Honduras and Mexico have overcome initial resistance and formed a local Latina league that now includes more than 200 players with roots from across Latin America, reports Elena Cabral for National Public Radio. The suggestion is that this involvement has only become possible by leaving their native countries.

I think the governments in our countries, they are not as interested in women’s sports because they still have that machismo that women are for the kitchen, for being in the home, caring for the children,

says Juan Carlos Martí­nez, a coach and the husband of one of the players.

Today I think women have the same rights as men because women take on as much as men, and maybe more. They work outside the home and still are taking care of the children.

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