Cracking fixture | Wallace and Gromit emerge as Wigan backers

Cracking save, Gromit! Link to Soccamatic film, with Wallace and Gromit. Copyright © 2002 Aardman/Wallace and Gromit Ltd.Wigan, England | Just in time for a critical Premiership showdown with Arsenal on Nov 19, the Lancashire side Wigan Athletic appear to have gained cinema stars Wallace and Gromit as potential supporters. Zealous researchers have determined that the duo’s 62 West Wallaby Street homestead in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is a Wigan address.

Questions about the club loyalties of Wallace and Gromit had been raised after the 2002 short production “Soccamatic,” part of the Cracking Contraptions series. The Soccamatic device (“all the goals, none of the fuss”) is endorsed by Preston North End, and Wallace at one point mentions Tom Finney. “Soccamatic” is available for free download (in QuickTime format) at the Cracking Contraptions site.

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