Middle-class USA | Scarsdale lawyers guard touchline from ‘outsiders’

Scarsdale, New York | A Westchester County supplement of the New York Times reports on a growing reality as playing space for soccer becomes scarce: communities having to police their fields to restrict access to “outsiders.” The case discussed by Marek Fuchs in his column (“ ’Go Out and Play’ Has Gotten Complicated,” Nov 20) involves the middle-class bedroom community of Scarsdale and a group of Hispanic men—from White Plains—who have been playing soccer at Greenacres School, drawing complaints from residents.

The school superintendent must weigh these complaints against the potential legal ramifications of posting a guard to restrict access, as other schools do. “It used to be you played under the first-come-first-play rule or ‘winner stays,’ ” writes Fuchs. “Now that guidance comes from lawyers.”

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