Pledge drive | For Canadians, ‘hours and hours of soccer’ now a reality

Joe Flaherty is Guy Caballero. Link to Toronto Star article. Flaherty

Toronto | Blessings on the Toronto Star, which reminds us of Guy Caballero‘s rants on the Second City Television series of the 1970s and early ’80s. Actor Joe Flaherty portrayed Caballero, owner of the fictional network, who would demand that viewers pledge money or face the consequence: “Hours and hours of soccer.”

The Star‘s Chris Zelkovich muses that 24-hour soccer has almost become the reality in Canada, with GolTV now on offer in addition to Fox Sports Canada, Rogers Sportsnet, TSN and The Score. GolTV president Mark Rubinstein is not concerned.

In a multicultural and multilingual country, where soccer is next to motherhood and in some cases ahead of motherhood, there is plenty of demand.

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