London diaries | Looking for football and not finding it

The Albert Bridge, Chelsea, on 22 January 2006, some 24 hours after Londoners had witnessed the rescue of the Thames whale. No Chelsea supporters appear to be in the frame at present.

London | In part 1 of our diaries, we stumble down the King’s Road, Chelsea, braving the reckless challenges of shoppers and looking in vain for someone who might have a passing interest in the world game.

Walking the hard London streets with a bunion in remission, I expected that the populace would be sharing my zeal for football reportage. This did not seem to be the case. In some 48 hours, I can report only two signs of demonstrated interest: one being the Arsenal crest on my cap, which seemed to trigger a store keeper’s memory, and a man striding yesterday evening toward the Thames along Oakley Street in a blue-and-white scarf redolent of Chelsea. Carefully, we remained on the opposite side.

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