Semantics | Are fascist footballers also racists?

Links: For a less than flattering picture of the Lazio players before and after the meeting with Holocaust survivors—the article portrays Di Canio’s mates as concerned with their hair and yapping on portable phones—see the report in the international version of Der Spiegel. The players met Shlomo Venezia, an Auschwitz Sonderkommando, one of the prisoners forced to work at the gas chambers. The players “made us a promise,” said Venezia, before ruins of Il Foro. “The next time [swastikas] appear, they’ll interrupt the game.” 

Update: Pope Benedict XVI chose a friendly with Germany on 1 March, at Artemio Franchi Stadium in Florence, to announce his support for anti-racism initiatives in football. The text of the message, according to Catholic-oriented news agency Zenit:

The Supreme Pontiff addresses a cordial greeting to the authorities, organizers, leaders, athletes and those who have gathered in the Franchi Stadium of Florence on the occasion of the Italy-Germany friendly soccer match, and expresses his appreciation for the initiatives organized in this context against racial discrimination, promoted to reinforce awareness of the educational function of sports, at the service of solidarity and peace.

His Holiness encourages the common effort to promote the civilization of love through patient and respectful reciprocal dialogue in all realms of society. Invoking divine assistance on all these intentions and projects, with pleasure he sends his apostolic blessing to those present in this significant event.

The Italian side might hope for future papal statements. In its first match in Florence in 13 years, it achieved its best result, 4–1, against Germany since 1939.

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