E-mails | M. Lukes consoles Sven re Rooney

Martin LukesAtlanta | Architect of a-b glöbí¢l’s Integethicsâ„¢ and Creovationâ„¢ management modules, Martin Lukes counsels England manager Sven-Göran Eriksson on team-building in the wake of Wayne Rooney‘s foot injury. In today’s Financial Times, Lukes, presently transitioning to head a-b glöbí¢l’s U.K. operations, says that the striker’s broken foot need not derail England’s chances in the World Cup finals next month. Lukes advises a focus on “growing the self-belief of the team holistically. If you do that, England will be parading the cup like Alf Ramsey in ’66—only in the heart of enemy territory!”

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