The culture cup | Copping awards for purple prose, Icelandic chic and fish graphics

Link to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise World Cup page

In a football tribute that defies category, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama staged a piscine World Cup, with matches twice per day. Their website advertises the spectacular.

FIFA may have its Golden Boot, but notable performances at the 2006 World Cup finals were not confined to the pitch:

Best use of website graphics to promote alternative World Cups (underwater division): We preferred the manga-inspired efforts of Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama to get football lovers out to the fish tanks to see the matches pitting yellow tang versus blue palette surgeonfish. The blue fish stood in for Japan, naturally, while the yellow tang represented group-stage foes Brazil, who swam rings around the blue-paletted “Japanese.” Blue palette surgeonfish “tend to stay at a corner of the fish tank,” according to an aquarium spokesman.

Link to official site of Les Zizous Cover art for the “Allez Zizou” single comes from Polish illustrator Jacek Wozniak.

Best musical tribute to tonsured French footballer (over 30): Well before the unfortunate clash between Zinédine Zidane and Marco Materazzi in the final—the inspiration for the post-Cup sensation “Coup de boule” (Head butt)—an ad hoc assemblage tagging themselves “Les Zizous” created a more conventional homage. A bistro operator at Ménilmontant in Paris and musical friends combined on “Allez Zizou (Wallé),” which climbed the charts as Les Bleus survived the group stage and then gathered momentum versus Spain, Brazil and Portugal. They sing of the side’s merits and Zizou’s essential role, of a goal coming from the sky and a cock crowing:

L’équipe mérite, le match de la finale

Ta porte est chance, Berlin est amicale

Une tête qui plante, le but arrive du ciel

Esprit du groupe, le coq sonne le réveil

The song represents a large improvement over repetitious wailings of Polish band Trawnik and their own “Zinedin Zidane.”

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