Patriotic support | The fifth photo-contest winner

Copyright © 2006 Ruth Franklin | Vinson Gallery

Artist Ruth Franklin of Decatur, Georgia—the Global Game’s hometown—submits from East Anglia our fifth photo-contest winner. Unidentified England supporters in Norwich appear hopeful before the penalty-kick phase in the quarterfinal versus Portugal on 1 July 2006. After managing to convert just one of its spot kicks, however, England again crashed out of a major tournament. Writes When Saturday Comes (Aug 06):

One view is that if you’re taking part in a lot of shootouts it’s because you’re not doing very well at the business of actually winning matches in normal play.

Franklin is a studio artist represented by Decatur’s Vinson Gallery. Her work has featured previously in this space (see 10 Jun 06).

The Global Game offers a logo T-shirt, delivered worldwide, to winners of the regular photo contest. We select the image that best represents the place of football in world culture and daily life. Previous winners not eligible. For more information and previous winners, see The next deadline is 31 December 2006.

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