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Kicking it with Karl | Both the ball and head are round

London | Talk on the world’s most downloaded podcast—some 8 million downloads confirmed by Guinness World Records—occasionally turns to sport and to football. Ricky Gervais Show co-host Stephen Merchant on 22 Aug 06 asked the third man of the trio—the world’s favorite Mancunian, Karl Pilkington—if he had been paying attention to the Commonwealth Games.

Mundane observations | In ‘Worktown,’ games of chance, snapshots in time

Bolton, England | A New Yorker article by Caleb Crain has peaked our interest in the Mass-Observation phenomenon and its relationship to football in Britain. Near the top of Crain’s treatment, “Anthropology of football pools” appears, tucked between “The aspidistra cult” and “Bathroom behaviour,” as one of the potential objects of study.

Global Game Wallpaper 28

Call to arms | The Georgia team prepares to march up Tryon Street in Charlotte, North Carolina, on 19 August 2006, the opening day of the inaugural Homeless USA Cup. Eight players would be selected for the Homeless World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa, in September.

Global Game Wallpaper 27

Wheel of fortune | The 2005 senior class of Evansville (Indiana) Central High School, the Lady Bears, advanced in consecutive seasons to the semifinals of the state high school playoffs. “They’re like little sisters to me,” says coach Damon Brown. (Copyright © 2005 Damon Brown)