2002 World Cup inspired a ‘toilet culture’ | Readings for 20 November 2006

If Luton Town manager Mike Newell objects to women as referees, how about as managers? Hope Powell, coach of the England’s women’s team and holder of UEFA’s highest coaching qualification, says she “wouldn’t be afraid” to coach a men’s team. At 39, she already has pioneered as the first black manager of an English national team and guided her team to its first World Cup finals appearance since 1995.

The numbers of women participating in the sport in England have grown 49 percent in the past five years. Raised playing street football in south London, Powell maintains a sensible attitude toward managing skilled players. “The way some managers behave is something I can’t comprehend,” she says. “I like the players to have ownership of what they do. Let them try and work things out for themselves on the pitch.” (Independent, 19 Nov 06)

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