Terminal sadness | Stranded in time, Ghanaian plays football alone

The existential uncertainty of Nasseri and Aryee has proven fodder for academics, as in an excerpt from a 2000 M.A. thesis that meditates on Nasseri’s lack of residence (“A Refugee of Time,” cityscripts.com). “An airport is a space created by transfers and movements,” this work says, part of the airport’s paradoxical quality as a “non-space.” The airport lacks a structure for creating meaningful social relations and certainly no place in which or companions with whom Aryee can play football.

“I play alone because nobody plays football here,” Aryee is quoted as saying in The News. In earlier days of his unplanned exile, Aryee said, “When I laid back on the terminal seats and tried to sleep, all I could think of was playing in a crowded stadium, the fans cheering my name. That brought me peace and hope.”

But that was in July.

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