Importing Real football | Beckham adds his share to U.S. trade imbalance

In Ayres’s reading, Beckham’s arrival in the LA region could tip a balance toward Hispanic cultural expressions such as fútbol. “Beckham will represent a completely different side of LA from Hollywood—a side unexplored by most of those who come to LA on summer holiday to visit Disneyland and Universal Studios.” One would not expect Becks, even with his abilities in Spanish, to refer to the region by its original name, El Pueblo de Nuestra Seí±ora la Reina de los Angeles del Rio de Porciuncula, yet, Ayres writes, “[s]ome Americans fear that the Hispanics, particularly the Mexicans, will eventually want to claim the land back.”

Were Beckham to build a bridge, one supposes, it would be best to build between these microcultures represented by the Los Angeles Times and La Opinión, the regional Spanish-language alternative. “To white Angelenos,” Ayres continues, “Carson might as well be on a different planet to Sunset Strip and the fashionable nightspots of Hollywood and the Westside.” It is a stretch to believe that Beckham could help unify in the way that the siting of California State University at Dominguez Hills helped smooth race relations following the Watts riots of 1965, but another bridge might help with the traffic.

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  1. martin wanjohi:

    However Real Madrid may want to intimidate Beckham they cannot deny him the fame and legacy he has created on the pitch. Long live Becks.

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