File under ‘aesthetics’ | 5 epiphanic goals from Marta Vieira da Silva

Already her footprints have been preserved in cement at Estádio Rei Pelé in her native Alagoas. At the suggestion of a reporter from O Globo, Eduardo Paes, Rio’s State Secretary of Tourism, Sports and Leisure, confirmed that Marta would become the first woman as well as the youngest athlete to be recognized with a spot in the Calçada da Fama do Maracanã (Walk of Fame) (Allan Caldas, “Marta entrará para a Calçada da Fama do Maracanã; Brasil pega os EUA na final,” O Globo, Jul 25).

“We will leave her definitive mark at the Maracanã,” said Paes. “Undoubtedly, she deserves to be there, among so many stars.”

Imprints of her feet were taken following the gold-medal game on Jul 26.


We extend gratitude for the video link to Frauenfußball-Blog auf Ballhöhe.

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