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immoral behaviors such as nude running and spitting. Such scenes are not permitted to be shown. Once, I was on night duty and a naked man suddenly ran onto the field in a European league game. All of us exclaimed, “This is unacceptable.” We are all strongly sensitive to such scenes.

But broadcasters apparently fell asleep at the switch during commentator Huang Jianxiang‘s notorious outburst at the 2006 World Cup (see 29 Nov 06):

For Huang Jinxiang’s impassioned speech, our leader said that the producer should have immediately lowered the volume of his voice so that people can watch the screen and not listen to the words. Then the producer should contact Huang immediately and ask him to stop. But Huang Jinxiang is a veteran at CCTV with a great deal of fame. So nobody expected that he would launch such a surprising tirade. However, his final sentence “Australia, get lost” already had the volume lowered by the producer. Afterwards, the channel clarified that what Huang Jinxiang said was his personal opinion which did not represent CCTV.

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