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The writings gathered in this volume reflect the universal and infinitely varied ways in which soccer connects with human experience. Poetry and prose from Ted Hughes, Charles Simic, Eduardo Galeano, Günter Grass, Giovanna Pollarolo, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Elvis Costello—to name but a few—take us to a dizzying array of cultures and climes. From a patch of ground in Missoula, Montana, to a clearing in a Kosovo forest, from the stadiums of Burma and Iran to the northern lights over Greenland to remotest Sierra Leone, these writers show us soccer’s stars and fans, politics and rituals, as well as the game’s power to encourage resistance, inspire faith, and build community.

Look for a complementary website to be available in the fall.

John Turnbull, Thom Satterlee, and Alon Raab, eds. The Global Game: Writers on Soccer. Lincoln and London: University of Nebraska Press, forthcoming (Nov 08). 352 pp. (6 x 9). ISBN 978-0-8032-1078-3. $19.95 paper. $21.95 Canadian/£11.99 UK.

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