Women’s football | ‘This book is dedicated to other Martas, barefoot and dirty’

In presenting the progression of soccer player Marta, he places a magnifying glass over a beautiful and precarious region of Brazil.

This is the outlook of Diego Graciano: prophetic.

When he initiated his biographic work, the name of Marta was beginning, timidly, to be projected.

In an move combining innocence with vision, Diego placed a crown on Marta’s head in order to take her photograph. A playful act clothed in truth.

Two years before she was chosen the best woman player in the world by FIFA, the biographer anticipated giving her the scepter.

This should be our viewpoint about Diego Graciano’s book: grateful.

The work of this Argentine youth is a declaration of love for Brazil.

With analyses refined from reality that transcend the more habitual biographical style, he gives rise to a concrete image of the little “street girl,” of the valiant woman, who made her talent into an implacable strength.

Marta shines. She shines forth for Brazilians and for the world. Symbol of struggle, of excellence, of ability.

The work Você é mulher, Marta! [You Are a Woman, Marta!] gives Dois Riachos a place in history. Within the imagery of Brazil, it adds growth to the notion that hope never perishes.

Iraci Nogueira, Professor of Literature

[Translation © 2008 Buddy Hughes. All rights reserved.]

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