Roster of films, 11mm Fußballfilmfestival, 3–6 April 2009

Other films

  • 1958—O ano em que o mundo descobriu o Brasil (1958—The Year That the World Discovered Brazil) (Brazil 2008, dir. José Carlos Asbeg) | Documentary about the 1958 World Cup winners. | trailer
  • Af Banen! (We Are the Champions!) (Denmark 2005, dir. Martin Hagbje) | A father and former professional player tries to win back his son’s respect by coaching the boy’s football team. | trailer
  • Africa 11 (Austria 2008, dir. Stefan Lukacs and Tobias Müller) | Documentary on the New African Football Academy in Vienna.
  • Die besten Frauen der Welt (The Best Women in the World) (Germany 2007, dir. Britta Becker) | See 7 Jan 08. Won the audience award for best film at the 2008 11mm festival. | trailer
  • Cass (England 2008, dir. Jon S. Baird) | Biopic based on Cass Pennant, notorious hooligan cum author. Actually, he calls himself a “hooliologist.” | trailer
  • Corrupção (Corruption) (Portugal 2007, dir. João Botelho) | Drama dissecting a corruption scandal at FC Porto.
  • Danish Dynamite (Denmark 2008, dir. Mads Kamp Thulstrup and Carsten Søsted) | “We are red, we are white, we are Danish dynamite!” So went the chant during the glory years of Danish football under German coach Sepp Piontek, leading to an unexpected European championship in 1992. According to the Danish Film Institute, the film “paints a portrait of a small nation, Denmark, that never, at least not until Piontek, took sports as seriously as other European nations did.”
  • Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal (India 2007, dir. Vivek Agnihotri) | Bollywood production based around the once glorious Bangla-infused Southall United, now relegated to the lower reaches of English football. | trailer
  • A Different Pitch (UK and Kosovo, 2000, dir. Doug Aubrey) | Documentary follows Scotty Lee, who uses football to teach young Kosovars about the dangers of land mines. | full movie

YouTube video

Coverage of the Werder Bremen women’s team’s 3–2 victory over Jahn Delmenhorst on 9 Sept 08. (3:49)

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