Ukrainian will, Carpathian pride and the summer of ’69

But it is unlikely that a lack of victories explains the emotional quality of the 40-year-old triumph. For the anniversary, the Soviet Cup trophy of 1969 will be flown to L’viv and displayed as part of commemoration ceremonies.

In a region steeped in memory and dedicated to overcoming a complicated past, one trophy has come to represent more than an ornate crystal vase.

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  1. Taras:

    Thank you for this historically—and politically—savvy saga of Ukrainian soccer!

  2. Ukrainian will, Carpathian pride and the summer of ’69 « Scissors Kick:

    [...] Ukrainian will, Carpathian pride and the summer of ’69 “Some 30,000 interlopers from the western extremity of the Soviet Union descended on Moscow on 17 Aug 1969 and, in a spontaneous assertion of nationalism, sang Ukrainian folk songs in the heart of the Soviet empire. Following a 20-hour train journey, supporters of FC Karpaty celebrated the temerity of a regional second-division club in making Soviet soccer history. The team known as the Carpathians, from L’viv, defeated SKA Rostov-on-Don, a top-flight Russian side, to become the only Soviet Cup winners from outside the first division.” (The Global Game) [...]

  3. Andrii:

    Yet another exemplary illustration of how soccer explains the world!

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