Mexico | Despite opposition, loyalists continue to spread América brand

“Everyone in Mexico wants to be a soccer player, like a pro soccer player,” says Adolfo Carrillo, a 32-year-old produce seller from Forest Park, Georgia. “It’s a dream. It never comes true sometimes. … People in Mexico, they don’t have too much money to spend. They got the time, but they don’t have the money. … When I was a kid, like everyone, like every child in the world, I wanted to be a pro.”

The Mexican contribution to soccer’s resilience among gringos in America has been untold. It speaks volumes that the four-team preseason event could be called the World Football Challenge. And when Georgia Dome officials passed word that attendance exceeded 50,000, no one batted an eye. Fútbol had arrived in Atlanta, not for the first time.


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For more on the intersection between soccer cultures of Mexico and the United States, see conversations with Estadio‘s Ramírez and Los Angeles Times writer Sam Quinones (25 Jul 07) as well as with Oscar Casares, author of Brownsville (10 May 07).

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  1. Despite opposition, loyalists continue to spread América brand « Scissors Kick:

    [...] Despite opposition, loyalists continue to spread América brand “Finally granted an occasion to show off their replica-jersey collections, soccer-deprived Atlantans took advantage Jul 22 at a friendly between Club América and AC Milan. Yellow América shirts, featuring the Bimbo Bakeries sponsorship logo that never fails to raise eyebrows among English-speakers, predominated in the Georgia Dome, an American football stadium that had never hosted a professional soccer match.” (The Global Game) [...]

  2. Camiseta de las aguilas del America:

    That is so true. You can’t beat around the bush about Las Aguilas del America. You either really dislike them, or you really love them. There is no in between.

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