Koman Coulibaly, refereeing and the electronic scrum over ‘truth’

16:41 (Britwriter) Restores "Coulibaly is a blind clown who makes poor decisions during crucial World Cup matches. His name appears on the Slovenia government’s payroll" to another section of the entry

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16:42 (Perspixx) To "He led the match between Slovenia and the United States," adds "disallowing a potential game-winning goal by the US for reasons yet to be explained. The call has been widely criticized on television, radio and in newspapers and blogs."

16:44 (Dscarth) Deletes much of Coulibaly’s bio, including his refereeing history. Adds subheading, "Controversy," and adds underneath, "His final call came into question by the players and coach of the US World Cup team, after having disqualified their final goal with no reason given." Cites "Robbed at the World Cup! Late Goal Disallowed as U.S. Forced to Settle for 2-2 Draw with Slovenia" (New York Daily News).

16:45 (Marcut) To "He has been a full international referee for FIFA since 1999," adds "and is best known for ruining USA’s chances at making it past the first round of the 2010 FIFA World Cup."

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16:49 (Kingnavland) Adds subheading, "2010 FIFA World Cup" and adds underneath, "Coulibaly took charge of the Group C match between the United States and Slovenia. After conceding two first half goals, the United States fought back to equalize and had scored an apparent third goal to take the lead; however, Coulibaly disallowed the goal, drawing criticism from ESPN commentator (and former US national team player) Alexi Lalas, who described the call as ‘a disgrace’ and ‘ridiculous,’ adding, ‘It should have been a goal.’ ” Cites ESPN video, "Controversial Finish Leaves US with Draw."

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17:21 (Kingnavland) Adds: "Former US national team player and Yahoo! Sports analyst Eric Wynalda went a step farther, accusing Coulibaly of corruption and calling for an investigation." Cites Yahoo! article, "Did the US Lose a Win?"

17:26 (Poulsen) Adds: "American midfielder Landon Donovan also expressed his displeasure, stating, ‘I don’t know how they stole that last goal from us. I’m not sure what the call was. He (the referee) wouldn’t tell us what the call was.’ ” Restores New York Daily News as source.

Within 15 minutes of the game’s completion, Coulibaly is grouped among pariahs, like Dante’s clusters of the damned. These include Jim Joyce and Don Denkinger—baseball umpires who had the audacity to err, Denkinger in the 1985 World Series and Joyce as recently as Jun 2. Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga, one out away from a perfect game, forced the 27th batter to ground out. But Joyce missed the call at first base. He later apologized. Reconciliation flowed. Tim Donaghy is a former National Basketball Association referee convicted of gambling on games. BP CEO Tony Hayward is, well, enough said.

Instantly, Coulibaly is scapegoated, labeled unclean, stoned by so-called experts. As with any referee, one can examine his record for previous controversy.

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