Animals | Circus is in town

Jean-Marie Pfaff (photo from, in his heyday as a goalkeeper for Belgium and Bayern Munich in the 1970s and ’80s, built a popular following.

Now 54, he is the centerpiece of long-running Belgian reality TV show De Pfaffs. Pfaff’s affinity for performance will further be tested as part of the upcoming Antwerp Winter Circus.

As an update to our earlier report on dogs and football (20 Jul 06), Pfaff will be tending the nets during a four-on-four exhibition—Belgium vs. Netherlands—featuring boxer dogs trained by a Romanian artist. “A circus is something that takes me back to the heyday of my youth,” said Pfaff, who formed his first football team as a child, including himself and his 10 brothers. “Now I will be the artist myself.”

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