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Notes from Babel: ‘To win a World Cup you must be at your most virtuous’

Notes from Babel: ‘To win a World Cup you must be at your most virtuous’

In football, does Man the Player reject Man the Maker by having devised a game played with the feet? So asks sportsBabel’s Sean Smith before the World Cup.

Palestinian soccer drama—‘Team' building for social change

Palestinian soccer drama—‘Team’ building for social change

Looking beyond imbroglios in the changing room, Palestinian media group Ma’an in The Team creates a football-based “soap opera for social change.”

In places without a name, 'Pelada' films the football we never knew

In places without a name, ‘Pelada’ films the football we never knew

Pelada debuts at the South by Southwest Film Festival as the ultimate expression of football’s capacity for communion.

Ahead of 2012, Ukraine reclaims iconographic and football treasures

Ahead of 2012, Ukraine reclaims iconographic and football treasures

With Orthodox nativity celebrations upon us, we wonder if Ukrainian traditions of religious iconography and football offer creative ideas for recovering lost history and making one nation.

20 years later, remembering East German film and football

20 years later, remembering East German film and football

The sixth edition of the 11mm Fußballfilmfestival revels in Ostalgie (“Eastalgia”) by screening 14 films from or concerning the former East Germany. With film listing and podcast »

The Zen of Mathare: brew changaa, carry water, play soccer

The Zen of Mathare: brew changaa, carry water, play soccer

The final installment, from Nairobi and Cape Town, from Gwendolyn Oxenham‘s diaries supporting The Soccer Project, a documentary about pickup soccer worldwide.

Cinema | Football’s happy existence inside Parisian ‘museum’

The third installment, from Paris, from Gwendolyn Oxenham‘s diaries supporting The Soccer Project.

Cinema | Attempting Jewish-Arab reconciliation in a 10-minute game

The second installment, from Jerusalem, from Gwendolyn Oxenham‘s diaries supporting an in-process documentary film, The Soccer Project, about four recent college graduates and their pursuit of improvisational soccer matches around the world.

Cinema | Trading ‘fruitcakes’ for fútbol as ‘Soccer Project’ reaches La Paz

Filmmaker, writer and footballer Gwendolyn Oxenham chronicles The Soccer Project, an in-process documentary film that tells of the intimate bonds soccer creates through pickup games (aka “kickabouts”) in South America, IsraelFrance, Kenya and elsewhere.

Cinema | A soccer player's escape from Argentina ... into philosophy

Cinema | A soccer player’s escape from Argentina … into philosophy

Claudio Tamburrini—philosophy professor and former goalkeeper—speaks about his Mar 1978 decision to “opt for life” and escape an Argentine prison. With podcast »

Visual arts | Defeating the forces of Babylon through love and soccer

Using red-clad players and supporters from local side Hapoel Tel Aviv as leitmotif, artist and autodidact Ido Shemi shows how benevolent objectives might be achieved through humor, creativity and football.

Iran | In clothing meant to conceal, football becomes ‘a means of fighting’

Toward the end of a Jun 17 National Public Radio interview, Marlene Assmann of BSV Al-Dersimspor discloses that her multicultural Kreuzberg side from Berlin again will brave Islamic strictures for a second friendly match in Iran.

Cinema | In ‘Tiro libre,’ walls of separation and misunderstanding

A film conceived by Chileans about the aspirations of Palestine’s national team has stirred a Chicago film festival—at least judging by an 11-page torrent of comments that debates which filmmaker deserves credit for the idea and which has the more authoritative connections to justice struggles (Ed M. Koziarski, “Social Justice, with Soccer,” Chicago Reader, Apr 3).

Art | At Vienna stadium installation, ‘you will only be nude for a short period of time’

Avant garde photographer Spencer Tunick has requested 2,008 nude participants—each with football—for a May 11 “installation” at Ernst Happel Stadion in Vienna, site of the Euro 2008 final.

Cinema | For cinéastes, Fußballfilmfestival offers definitive fixture list

As one should not judge a book by the cover, one should not judge a film by its trailer. But the trailer for Maradona: La mano de Dios, which opened the 11mm Fußballfilmfestival in Berlin on Apr 4, sounds a warning: handle with care.

Cinema | ‘Football Under Cover’ receives unveiling

Promotional material for the documentary Football Under Cover (see interview with director Ayat Najafi, 29 Sept 07) celebrates the display of “Frauenpower” in its chronicle of an Apr 06 friendly between BSV Al-Dersimspor of Kreuzberg, Berlin, and the Iranian women’s national team.

Cinema | ‘Die besten Frauen,’ the best women (w/ video)

Ian Plenderleith, not for the first time, has done great service by offering a synopsis and highlights in translation of director Britta Becker‘s 90-minute documentary Die besten Frauen der Welt (“The Best Women in the World,” Jan 7).

The film chronicles Germany’s championship at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Sept 07 and, along the way, points to “the obvious contrasts between the Germans and the US team that failed to advance beyond the semi-final.”

Cinema | First impressions of ‘Damned United’

On Stephen Merchant‘s BBC 6Music program Dec 30, the actor who inhabited Tony Blair on screen and David Frost on stage said he soon will take on the persona of Brian Clough in the forthcoming film The Damned United.

Mixed media | Round ball, flat art

The quiet launch to the Web of a portion of 50,000 drawings and an even greater number of prints—so-called flat art—within the British Museum collection makes football-related arcana even easier to find. With multimedia »

Canada | First among soccer nations

Beckham, on Vancouver swing, tries football by Canadian rules

Vancouver, British Columbia, Nov 7 | As usual, David Beckham‘s North American barnstorming circuit—with a stop tonight at BC Place Stadium—to us raises more interest in pre-existing soccer traditions than in the soccer actually being played.

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