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Spirituality of Pelé | ‘It was pretty !@$#%# glorious’

Chicago | University of Toledo professor of Catholic studies Richard R. Gaillardetz, in an essay in U.S. Catholic proposing “a spirituality of sports” (“In the Spirit of the Game,” Dec 05), reminds us of the long-forgotten 1985 film Vision Quest and its brief discourse on football. The film features a high-school wrestler and his quest to drop […]

Cracking fixture | Wallace and Gromit emerge as Wigan backers

Wigan, England | Just in time for a critical Premiership showdown with Arsenal on Nov 19, the Lancashire side Wigan Athletic appear to have gained cinema stars Wallace and Gromit as potential supporters. Zealous researchers have determined that the duo’s 62 West Wallaby Street homestead in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is a Wigan address. Questions […]

News from Hounslow | Second helpings of aloo gobi as Chadha mulls sequel

London | Director Gurinder Chadha has told the Sun newspaper of plans for a follow-up to Bend It Like Beckham. Both Keira Knightley and Parminder Nagra would reprise their roles as ambitious young footballers en route to collegiate careers at Santa Clara (Calif.) University. “I see it more as a continuation of the characters than an […]

Cinema | ‘Futbol Palestina 2006′

22 Apr 05 | Body searches, travel restrictions, arrests and martial law are not conditions usually associated with international football. These however have been familiar realities for members of the Palestinian national team. In spite of daunting odds, these players have succeeded in representing their nation. Futbol Palestina 2006, Nelson Soza and Marcelo Piña‘s (left) film in progress, is a record of the players’ struggles, determination and pride. See also “In ‘Tiro Libre,’ Walls of Separation and Misunderstanding” (Apr 23) »

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