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In 1937 appearance, Joyce joined Hungarians ‘in the middle’

Why has a 1937 alignment of literary stars not featured in Vienna in the European Championship’s cultural program? Vladimir Nabokov lectures in a Parisian literary salon and espies James Joyce “sitting, arms folded and glasses glinting, in the midst of the Hungarian football team.”

Art | At Vienna stadium installation, ‘you will only be nude for a short period of time’

Avant garde photographer Spencer Tunick has requested 2,008 nude participants—each with football—for a May 11 “installation” at Ernst Happel Stadion in Vienna, site of the Euro 2008 final.

Mid-Atlantic jolt | Energy drink takes New Jersey out of MetroStars

East Rutherford, New Jersey | Names for Major League Soccer clubs these days appear to have all the staying power of names for PGA Tour events. Last week Red Bull New York—which, confusingly, will compete as the New York Red Bulls—supplanted the MetroStars with the latter’s acquisition by Red Bull GmbH of Austria. This follows the rebranding […]

Austria | Arnie no longer pumping Graz

Sacramento, California, and Graz, Austria | To look on the bright side, the name of the home ground of SK Sturm Graz may soon be shortened considerably. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has asked Graz officials to remove his name from the stadium by the end of this year given local protests of Schwarzenegger’s refusal of clemency […]