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Occupied territories | For Palestinian women, a field is a dream

Articles on the Palestinian Territories national women’s soccer team, on tensions at Heart of Midlothian in Edinburgh, on the run on £5 notes depicting George Best, and on the assassination of a Sunni Arab soccer official in Baghdad.

Don’t call them WAGs | Readings for 16 November 2006

Articles include a history of women’s football in England, the quest for “conkers” superiority, advances in the Australian game, and an actor, alone on stage, convincing audiences that he is attending football matches.

Peace murals | Out with ‘burly guys,’ in with Georgie

Belfast, Northern Ireland | Grisly sectarian murals glorifying violence between Unionists and Republicans have nearly a 100-year-old tradition in Northern Ireland, but posthumous murals devoted to George Best and other mural “decommissionings” are slowly changing the scene. “Imagine a wee boy or girl looking out of their bedroom window and seeing only burly guys with rifles. […]

Best tributes | A ‘pink flamingo’ on the estates

Belfast, Northern Ireland | Linked in life to players like Pelé and Maradona, George Best in death continued to draw comparisons. Writers received extended column inches to describe the Best cortí¨ge on Saturday, Dec 3, and tied the public mourning and spontaneously created tributes in memorabilia and replica shirts to ceremonies that had acknowledged the passings of […]

Best cortège | Parade to the white colonnades

Belfast, Northern Ireland | At 1000 GMT on Saturday, Dec 3, a cortí¨ge will depart the George Best family home in Protestant east Belfast and wind to the Grand Hall of Stormont Parliamentary Building, a white, colonnaded edifice on a hill. The Police Service of Northern Ireland said it was planning for more than 100,000 mourners. Both […]

The late George Best | No end to allusions for a Piper and Pimpernel

London | George Best died at 1255 GMT at a west London hospital on Friday. News outlets had more than enough time to ready their copy, and the obituaries became available within minutes of his last breath. Perhaps the most comprehensive supply of pathos exists in a special section of Best’s hometown Belfast Telegraph. The Best […]

Political Maze | Siting Northern Ireland’s national stadium

Belfast, Northern Ireland | A survey concludes that Northern Ireland supporters prefer a national sports stadium in central Belfast rather than at the proposed Maze prison site outside town. An alphabet soup of government bodies, however, has cited police concerns about locating an £85 million venue within Belfast, where it could attract swarms of Gaelic Games […]

2 nations, 1 game | All-Irish museum plans to recognize ‘shared space’

Belfast, Northern Ireland | With a goal of building understanding and “a shared space for football fans on this island,” the governing associations of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland plan to discuss housing an all-Ireland soccer museum in Belfast. The idea originates with Sport against Racism Ireland (SARI), based in Dublin. Ken McCue of […]