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Spirituality of Pelé | ‘It was pretty !@$#%# glorious’

Chicago | University of Toledo professor of Catholic studies Richard R. Gaillardetz, in an essay in U.S. Catholic proposing “a spirituality of sports” (“In the Spirit of the Game,” Dec 05), reminds us of the long-forgotten 1985 film Vision Quest and its brief discourse on football. The film features a high-school wrestler and his quest to drop […]

Witch-doctoring | Bathing in chicken blood for the good of the side

Sydney | Now that Australia has ended a 32-year absence from the World Cup finals, comedian and spiritual dabbler John Safran has been extolled for his sacrificial efforts in revoking a Mozambican witch doctor’s curse dating to 1969. The footage of Safran being bathed in chicken blood on the grounds of a Mozambique stadium at which […]

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