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Religion | Despite best efforts, Inter’s knights err

Izmir, Turkey, Dec 13 | A Fenerbahçe supporter in western Turkey, prompted by jerseys worn by Internazionale of Milan during a Champions League match on Nov 27, has announced that he will take legal action.

The shirts, modeled on St. George’s Cross, to some evoked associations with Knights Templar and, hence, the Crusades of the Middle Ages.

Supporters | Women welcomed to Prince Abdullah al-Faisal

Jedda, Saudi Arabia | Following evening prayers, Saudi Arabia and Sweden played a friendly match tonight with historic implications: for the first time, and after pressure from Swedish authorities, women were allowed to attend. The normally rigid gender separation in public was relaxed a bit for female Swedish supporters. “They will be allowed to watch the […]

Youth soccer | What if bin Laden had tried jihad on the pitch?

Jedda, Saudi Arabia | If a more robust after-school football program had been in place during Osama bin Laden‘s formative years, would violent jihad have seemed so attractive? The query poses itself in Steve Coll‘s New Yorker profile of the young Osama (Dec 12 cover date, also available online) as bin Laden gathers in the early […]