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Sept 09: The Daily Telegraph (London) names the Global Game among its top 25 world sites: “[T]he thought and care put into this jewel of a site is unparalleled and I defy anyone to visit and fail to find something unknown and fascinating” (Steve Wilson, “Top 25 Football Websites,” Daily Telegraph, 22 Sept 09).

Feb 09: Nick Green at 100 Percent Soccer suggests the Global Game’s “excellent Marta profile covering her time in Sweden and eventual exit. … It’s a long piece, but well worth the time” (“Tuesday Kicks: Randolph Gone from Galaxy? (& More),” 24 Feb 09).

Jan 09: Lawrence Cann of Street Soccer USA, affiliated with the Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, supports the site and the anthology (Jan 2):

If you haven’t bookmarked the Global Game on your browser, take the time to do it now. … The site gives you great access to all the culture and human spirit which frames the beautiful game we see in stadiums, on TV, and once every four years.

Jul 08: Pete McEntegart of’s “10 Spot Blog” lists Timothy Grainey‘s article on FC Indiana (Jul 18) as a top-five read in “Five at Twelve.”

Jun 08: Soccer America‘s “Around the Net” includes the article “Far West of the Carpathians, Ukraine Unites” (Jun 9) among its list of recommended daily reads (“The History of Ukrainian Soccer in Canada,” Jun 10):

The Global Game is one of the internet’s most interesting soccer sites, and specializes in the kind of full-length features that other outlets rarely bother with in the fast-moving online world of quick quotes and one-sentence paragraphs. But you should take the time to read John Turnbull’s latest piece about the Ukrainian soccer Diaspora in Canada.

May 08: In the “Weekly Howl” (May 16) from When Saturday Comes, Ian Plenderleith names The Global Game one of his “historic football websites”:

I’ve been singing the praises of this US-based site ever since it was founded over five years ago, in both WSC and other publications. Yet whenever I ask people if they ever read it, they claim they’ve never heard of it. Which just goes to show my gargantuan influence on football internet reading habits.

Apr 08: Named one of the “Top 10 Sources for Intelligent Football Coverage” by EPLTalk.

Feb 08: Nominated in the “Best Blog Design” and “Best Football Podcast” categories in the 2007 SoccerLens readers’ choice poll.

Sept 07: Gramsci’s Kingdom: Football, Politics, the World calls The Global Game “the granddaddy” of “international-culture-and-politics-of-football” weblogs and concludes that the best such sites, including Culture of Soccer and Pitch Invasion, are located in North America (“International Week and More Good Blogs,” 13 Sept 07).

Why, I wonder, do these sites not flourish in England itself? Or anywhere else? Do we North Americans just obsess more about this stuff because it’s not actually in our blood? Hmmm …

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