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Aug–Sept 07: Rated among the seven “most intriguing blogs about the beautiful game” by Champions magazine.

Jul 07: The Mex Files links to our treatment of Estrellas de La Línea, the documentary film concerning Guatemala City sex workers and their fútbol-inspired quest for rights (“The Railroad All Stars—Mayan Women Seek Liberation through Futbol,” 22 Jul 07). Author Richard Grabman writes:

The only site I know of takes on sports as international politics is “The Global Game.” They have their work cut out for them, but manage with elegance, style and amazing scholarship to explain the world situation through the one sport most countries share.

Mar 07: Author of “Rank and Vile: Musings of an Accidental Australian” mentions the site at the beginning of a post on association football in Australia (“Australia in the Global Game … and It’s Not Soccer,” 29 Mar 07).

One of my favourite blogs ever is The Global Game. This is because while it deals nominally with Association Football, the blog is not just a blog about “Association Football” where it discusses players, tactics etc. But it uses the game to comment on politics, society and culture.

Jan 07: The blog of the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, describes The Global Game as “one of the best sources of information on the intersection of football, media and culture” (“The Global Game,” Jan 20).

Dec 06: Plenderleith, in Soccer America (“Soccer Caught in the Web,” 50–52), gives The Global Game a five-star rating (that is, out of five):

Its strength is to look at, or link to, the game as a cultural, political and often personal reflection of a world where sport is just the starting point for an enlightening insight into life’s triumphs, cruelties and creative force.

Sept 06: The weblog Top Ten Sources” for the 2006 World Cup finals.

Sept 05: Grant Wahl of names The Global Game among the best XI U.S. soccer sites.

Jan 05: The following excerpt is reprinted, with permission, from When Saturday Comes, the “half-decent football magazine” based in the U.K. Started in Mar 1986 in the wake of the disaster at Heysel, “the aim … has always been to provide a voice for intelligent football fans,” states a website blurb. This should give special credence to Plenderleith’s review below, published in his regular column, “On the Web” (“Better from America,” Sept 03, p. 40). In Jan 05, Plenderleith named the site one of the magazine’s “Festive Twenty” based on a readership survey of sites featured in his column over the preceding five years. Much about the site’s format has changed over time, but the ambitions remain the same:

There has rarely been an online fanzine as densely but superbly presented as The Global Game, the monthly brainchild of Georgia-based American journalist John Turnbull. Available in browser or Adobe Acrobat format, the four-page journal combines excellent writing and anecdotal wit to present new angles on the game, and thoroughly researched links to places you would never otherwise find.

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