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The American writer John Turnbull, who runs the marvelous soccer site The Global Game, has written about the symbolic significance of the soccer goalie and says, “Goalkeepers in modern times, in certain cultures, are proxies for collective identity in the way that they defend a nation’s self-conception and moral rectitude.”

The People's Game

Jun 10: Interviewed by Jennifer Doyle and Alan Minsky, The People’s Game, KPFK 90.7 FM Pacifica Radio, Los Angeles (Jun 15, link to stream). Download »

Jun 10: Interviewed by Hannah Sung, CBC Book Club (“Soccer Is a Global Game,” Jun 14).

Jun 10: Interviewed by Sophie Roell, Five Books (“John Turnbull on Soccer as a Second Language,” Jun 8).

Mar 10: Interviewed by Richard Farley, EPL Talk podcast (Mar 30). Download »

Dec 09: Interviewed by Tim Lemke, sports business reporter for The Washington Times (“Monumental Sports Year Will Connect Fans on a Global Scale,” Dec 27).

Dec 09: The site wins a bronze award from When Saturday Comes (London): “[T]his stellar North American site is still the flag bearer for the kind of in-depth football writing that has declined just as weak satire, mindless ranting and banal tweeting have risen to the fore” (Ian Plenderleith, “And the Winner Is …,” When Saturday Comes, Dec 09).

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