Faroe (Føroyar) Islands

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Population 47,653 (1989 est.); 17 islands constitute self-governing unit within Danish realm and are represented within Danish parliament.

foreboding faroesThe nature of Islands football—at least in the eyes of severely out-of-context Brazilians—is well described in Alex Bellos's Futebol: The Brazilian Way of Life (New York and London: Bloomsbury, 2002). See chapter 1, "The Match at the End of the World." An excerpt of this chapter is available at the Bloomsbury website.

The Faroes side fared relatively well in qualifying for the 2004 European Championships, so this performance gained it some attention. See Charlie Connelly, "Hat's Not All Folks," ESPNSoccernet.com, 3 June 2003. (See also the related "guide" to Faroes life and football.) One can also access the English version of the Faroe Islands Football Association website, although it does not seem to be updated regularly, and, more helpfully, UEFA's Faroe Islands page as part of UEFA's 50th anniversary. The FIFA website has also compiled a brief history of the Faroes' "football fairytale" (8 October 2004).

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