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  • Plovdiv, Bulgaria | 24 October 2003 . . . Boris Dimitrov of the Sofia Echo gives a mind-boggling account of political machinations in upcoming municipal elections. All of these maneuverings involve footballers and referees, playing on supporters' affinities for PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv: "The Movement for Rights and Freedoms put up international linesman Konstantin Piskov as their favourite for the chair of the current mayor, Dr Ivan Chomakov. Chomakov, who is asking voters to give him a second term on October 26, managed to recruit Click for Lokomotiv Plovdiv websiteLocomotive Plovdiv's fan club to his side. It is widely known that the black-and-whites are supported by one of the greatest [armies] of fans in the country." The story continues in this vein, noting, however, that Sofia has bucked the trend toward "sports people." . . . As a side note, the article mentions Bulgarian legend Hristo Stoitchkov's lack of success backing a candidate in 1994. A long Washington Post profile of Stoitchkov explores his many contributions to the game as well as his volatile nature. Stoitchkov explains:
  • Soccer is very, very hard. You must prepare every day. You must not waste a day. . . . Prepare. The game is only 90 minutes. It is nothing. It is over like this. You must work the whole week. Monday, one step. Tuesday, second step. Every single day, step by step. It is impossible for good training Monday, then cheat on Tuesday and Wednesday. Good training Thursday. Nothing Friday. Impossible to win the game Saturday. No. Every single day, I bring water to the tree. One day, I pick the fruit. | back to top