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Fulbright scholar Nicole Matuska's contribution fit in nicely with our entries concerning use of hijab, the traditional Islamic head covering, in women's football (see "Coverage Abroad | In Islamic World, Head Scarves Not Always Compulsory Football Equipment," 11 March 2007). As part of her Fulbright research in the hinterlands of Morocco and in the capital, Rabat—where she plays for l'Association Cité des Arts —Matuska has been compiling documentary material on women's soccer as well as attempting to form a girls' league. The picture above is of a scolaire (school) team in Ben Slimane, warming up on 2 March 2007. Writes Matuska:

For girls in Morocco, there are few options for them if they want to continue playing after they leave school. There are very few teams and no formal national league. The biggest problems are money, infrastructure and opportunity. Football is still seen as a very masculine sport (as opposed to basketball and volleyball and track and field, which are very popular with girls), and women are often called degrading names when playing—people referring to them as "wild boys" and unmarriageable.

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